BENCH WARS: Introduction / by Kate Meadows

Hello again!

I know, so soon. But I wanted to fully kick off March with the beginning of my process for what I'm calling: BENCH WARS!! 


Okay. I know. It's not the best title, but it’s a slant rhyme and I love them. Recently, I participated in the 2018 Pitch Wars mentorship program, and worked with a fantastic mentor to turn my first manuscript, MONSTER RIOT! from a slow, quiet, character piece into a fully-formed stakes-driven story, existing in a robust world of ghosts, monsters and high schoolers. Pitch Wars was a great experience, and I honestly learned so much in such a quick span of time. I love a good crash course / immersion learning process, and I had a fantastic community of co-warriors and my mentor guiding me through it. 

MONSTER RIOT! is querying now (fingers crossed, my little weirdo book!), and to distract myself, I'm going to revise a book I drafted during Camp Nano in July. The book has so much potential but also so many problems, the least of which is that it doesn't even have an ending, but I know that I'm a better revisionist (reviser? revision-izer. I'll edit this later, I'm sure) than I was six months ago. 

SO! In an effort to retain the information I bumbled my way through while simply trying to keep up the pace needed to finish Pitch Wars, I'm going to re-create the process for my Camp Nano draft zero.. I’m calling this process BENCH WARS because I’ll be doing my best to remember what coach told me, sidelining myself to learn and stretch my skills.

Each week, I’ll be picking apart my game plan for that week’s work, whether it’s plot restructuring, character development or worldbuilding. This is partially to hold myself accountable, and partially to keep track of the pieces I want to work on. I’ll start each week with my personal to-do list, some resources I’ll be using, and at the end of the week, do a recap of the progress I made and what I learned.

I hope that you find some of this useful as you are revising your own project. As always, every writer’s process is different and what works for me may not work for you. Take this as more of a journal of what I’m doing and less as strict rules about writing.

So for now, I’m going to park it on the bench and start planning my next move!

xx, Kate

BENCH WARS, so far:

WEEK ONE: Worldbuilding
WEEK TWO: Reverse Outlining